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Thanksgiving 2015
'Tis the Season
Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow- gratitiude for the breath
Keep Breathing
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Thanksgiving 2015

Today, this day, November 26, 2015, is traditionally recognized as Thanksgiving. Trending now, some have chosen to recognize this day as Friendsgiving. Nice. Purpose? Could it be that some choose to distance themselves from the latest horror of Syrian refugees who are desperately trying to find some hope and friendship away from their persecuting, homeland dictator?

This thought is as a result of seeing social media posts regarding references and comparisons to the possibly first refugees in this country; those who suffered religious persecution in Europe.

'Tis the Season

         Holiday time, any holiday time with some longer than others, is usually a time for reflection and change in the midst of a season that is beholden to the reciting and reconnecting of history. We often compare past times during the holiday, who we shared them with and where we were, to the current experience. There are often wide ranges of thought as we connect past to present, experiencing beautiful reminiscences all the way to regrets, who knows, maybe even despair.

Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow- gratitiude for the breath

Sometimes we're overwhelmed by the work we must tackle and sometimes we're so in tune with the challenge that it's delightfully fulfilling. Work can be our refuge or a behometh.

Today I experienced all those aspects of work in one day.

Yes, I'm a yoga teacher in the evening and I also work in a school system, Human Resources, during the day. It's crunch time at my day job and in trying to relate what's going on there to my yoga practice, I rediscovered the correlation and similarity between the two.

Keep Breathing

Aging does not entitle us to stop making the effort to work at maintaining good health in mind, body and spirit. There isn't really an "I've arrived" moment. 
Greetings Readers
As we mature we are often able to indulge in simple pleasures and possibly luxuries that may not have been an option when we were working at establishing a career and achieving certain goals. During the time when we are working hard to meet these goals, making time for some simple pleasure let alone luxuries in our lives can be difficult if not impossible.

Today is Everyday

Today I woke and followed my normal morning ritual. I "sit" in quiet, inviting waiting and welcoming the day and most regularly turn on my music stream. Today the first music I heard was Thievery Corporation'sDoors of Perception..."don't think of things you fear, just be glad to be here..."
I re-member other things, not just lyrics and they visit me, good and not so. These particular lyrics put week 2 of my new job in perspective. Challenges and unknowns reveal themselves in their own time.

Weekend in Chapel Hill, NC

Here are some beautiful flowers in the water lily pond at the Duke Botanical Garden in Durham, N.C. It was the perfect post wedding excursion shared by my hosts, Sandy and Steve Restivo.
The wedding of their duaghter Alison to her sweetheart, Steve Jones the day before this picture was taken was just as beautiful. Such a blessing to see old friends and share stories of the past and speculate what we'll be doing in the future.

Reflections on Memorial Day

ShareI really enjoyed my camping experience this Memorial Day weekend. It's been so long that I'd forgotten the lullaby of the babbling brook next  to my tent. Some folks that I camped with were closer to the pond with the frogs and toads burping and croaking through the night. We were blessed with guitar, banjo and mandolin playing around the campfire too plus the traditional roasting of the marshmallows and what mondo-mellows they were!  Come to find out I took part in an annual Spring Fling camping extravaganza that has changed location and added participants over the years.

Weds., 5/24/11

It's Wednesday and planning for Memorial Day weekend fun is kicking in. I'm going camping with my oldest and dearest Atlanta friends and I know we will have a truly beautiful time. The flurry of email food assignments and the gathering and packing has begun.
I am so honored to share that I will be teaching (and learning) yoga in the woods this weekend. Whatever your planned or free form Memorial Day experience is this year, share your skills with others and learn in the process too. Neale Donald Walsch says it so well.

Find a class and go!

For anyone who is looking to experience a yoga class in Intown Atlanta, I have 3 cost effective recommendations. Go to the Atlanta Activewear store near the corner of Virginia Ave. and No. Highland for a free 1 hour class at 9 a.m. on Saturdays, look up the Kashi class schedule online and choose one of their awesome $5 CYTT classes and or shoot me an email ([email protected]or click on "Comment" on this Website's homepage) and I will give you 1 free class. Just give me an idea of what day and time you can visit Ayogastudio at Studioplex.


It's warming up here in Atlanta again and summertime begins. The predicted earth's end or whatever the gloom and doom that was supposed to happen on May 21st didn't happen. Life goes on. On this beautiful Sunday, I hope you make some time to step away from planning for the future as well as reviewing the past.
Barbara Brown Taylor's introduction to her book "An Alter in the World" says it so well, "The treasures we seek requires no lengthy expedition, no expensive equipment, no superior aptitude or special company.
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